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2017 Leadership Committees

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Affiliate Committee
Tammy Rivera, Chair
Lonnie Bass, Vice Chair
Lisa Little
Rick Palma
Jenny Huffman
Corbin Polsgrove
Perry Cooperider
Juanita Richardson
Julie Colboch
Awards Selection Committee
Mary Kay Lyle, Chair
Katie Green, Vice Chair
JoAnn Cobb
Brandon Sale
Lynette Barr
Marty Lyle
Mary Masters 
Jannette Fleck
Carime Reeves
Matthew Paden
Elizabeth Rose
Board of Directors
Adam Stein, President (1)
Glenda Ide, Vice President (2)
Mary Kay Lyle, Secretary/Treasurer (1)
JoAnn Cobb, Past President (1) 
Bobbi Howe, NAR Director (1) 
Ray Sisson, (1)
Jeff Hughes, (2)
Clarence Rezac, (1)
Scott Mears, (1)
Mike Jackson, (2)
Ed Stroud (2)
Amy Goddard (1)
Scott Hudson, (1)
Lisa Wisdom-Strayer (1)
Marty Lyle (1) 
Kara Hicks (1) 
Pam Bowman (1) 
Frank Leone (1) 
Brandon Sale (1) 
Raquel Hopper (1) 
Jannette Fleck, MLS Chair (1)
Linda Sturgis, (CEO) Ex-Officio, Non Voting
Broker of the Year Selection Committee
Marty Lyle, Chair
JoAnn Cobb, Vice Chair
Broker's Committee
Adam Stein, Chair
Scott Mears, Vice Chair
Budget & Finance Committee
Mary Kay Lyle, Chair
Bob Bucher, Vice Chair
Scott Hudson
Glenda Ide
Scott Mears
Mike Jackson
Adam Stein 
Cindy White
Jeff Hughes 
Commercial Marketing Group
Frank Leone, Chair
Mark Tietjens, Vice Chair
(Meetings open to any interested parties)
Diversity Committee
Jerry Arnold, Chair
Becky Cowger, Vice Chair
Katie Green
Kit Farris
Jennifer Brown
Raquel Hopper 
Education Committee
Pam Bowman, Chair
Lisa Little, Vice Chair
Lisa Ashford
Jannette Fleck
Cindy Heitman
Sherri Wright
Executive Committee are also Directors
Adam Stein, President
Glenda Ide, Vice President/President Elect
Mary Kay Lyle, Secretary/Treasurer
Scott Hudson, (At Large Member)
Lisa Wisdom-Strayer (At Large Member)
JoAnn Cobb, (Past President)
Facilities Task Force and Building Maintenance Committee
Pam Bowman, Chair
Mark Clark, Vice Chair
Kit Farris 
Elizabeth Rose 
Governing Documents/Policies and Procedures Committee
Bob Bucher, Chair
Carolyn Alburtis, Vice Chair
Cindy Kennedy 
Mark Clark 
Amy Goddard 
Lynette Barr
Legislative Committee
Bob Bucher, Chair
Ray Sisson, Vice Chair
Elizabeth Rose 
Mary Kay Lyle 
Patti Eiman 
Adam Stein 
MLS/Legal Forms Committee
Jannette Fleck, Chair (1)
Amy Goddard, Vice Chair, (2)
Linda Blum (1)
Pam Bowman (1) 
Stephen Cotter (1)
Matthew Paden (1) 
Lorrie Ramseier (1) 
Lisa Wisdom-Strayer (2) 
Brenda Brown (1)
Robin Rickerson (2) 
Mark Clark (2)
Adam Stein, President (1) 
Membership Committee 
Glenda Ide, Chair
Jennifer Brown, Vice Chair
Kirby Joy
Nominating Committee
JoAnn Cobb, Chair
Adam Stein, Vice Chair
Frank Leone 
Marty Lyle 
Mary Kay Lyle 
Robin Rickerson 
Jeff Hughes 
Office Liaisons
Pam Bowman, Chair
Lisa Ashford, Vice Chair
Kara Hicks, ReeceNichols Ide Capital
Paula Price, RE/MAX Professionals
Karen Van Sickle, RE/MAX Professionals
Lynette Barr, Coldwell Banker
Pamela Morse, Donna Farrow & Company 
Stephanie Garver, Keller Williams St. Joseph 
Janie Findley, FSB Mortgage 
Julie Colboch, Preferred Title of St. Joseph 
Jenny Huffman, John Callow Agency 
Cathy Echterling, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Stein & Summers Real Estate 
Leisa Mosser, Advantage Title, LLC. 
Public Relations Committee
Jim Connors, Chair 
Laura Wyeth, Vice Chair 
Becky Cowger
Shannon White
Mark Clark
Kara Hicks
Kirby Joy
Greg Woods 
REALTOR® Benefit Task Force (Golf Tournament)
Rebecca Giles, Chair
Kirby Joy, Vice Chair
David Gall
Renee Hurd
Carol Wills
Dean Wilson
RPAC Committee
Elizabeth Rose, Chair
Angie Moeck, Vice Chair
Lynette Barr
Sharaon Hinderks
Bob Bucher
Mary Kay Lyle
John Wray
Jennifer Brown
Salesperson of the Year Selection Committee
Cathy Echterling, Chair
Lisa Wisdom-Strayer, Vice Chair
Social Committee
Cathy Echterling, Chair
Kara Hicks, Vice Chair
Barbie Squires
Jennifer Brown
Katie Green
Elizabeth Rose
Mandy Lundy
Kelly Kieser 
Kit Farris 
Julie Colboch
Strategic Planning Committee
Michelle Schaup, Chair
Matthew Paden, Vice Chair (2)
Glenda Ide, (Board Vice President) (2)
Pam Bowman, Chairperson - Education Committee (1)
Scott Mears (1)
Marty Lyle (1) 
Scott Hudson (1)